How to Start an ATV

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Before you start your ATV make sure to do a safety check off on it.  Make sure the lubrication levels in the engine are okay, the tires are inflated properly and the gas tank is full.  To start the ATV, both the start key and the handlebar switch need to be in the on position.  Next, put the ATV into neutral.  In order to do this hold the clutch in and kick the shifter all the way down to 1st gear.  With the clutch still held, gently raise the shifter until it clicks into neutral.  Raising the shifter too much will shift the ATV into 2nd gear.  You can check to make sure that the ATV is in neutral by pushing it.  If the ATV rolls freely, it is in neutral.  When starting a cold ATV, pull the choke out to create a rich gas/air mixture to help the ATV start easier.  If the ATV engine is already warm you do not need to use the choke.  With an electric start you can simply hold the start button in until the ATV starts.  With a kick start you need to get on the ATV and kick the starter until the ATV starts.  In both situations you can open the throttle while attempting to start the ATV to give the engine more gas and help the ATV start.  Push the choke back in once the ATV is started and you are now ready to go for a ride.


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