Benefits of Goal Setting with Your Freelance Writing Career

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You have take the first steps to begin your freelance writing career. Congratulations, for most people this is the hardest step to become a freelance writer that they have to take. Now that you have become a freelance writer, where do you want your freelance writing career to take you? Many first time freelance writers do not realize that if they do not have well planned out goals for their freelance writing career, that it may end just as fast as it began. There are many benefits to goal setting with your freelance writing career that you may have not thought about.

Benefit One

You will have something to push yourself towards in regards to your freelance writing career. An example of this is using goal setting to figure out how much you want to make a month with your freelance writing. If you do not a have a goal in regards to how much you want to make, you will never push yourself to find new and higher paying freelance writing clients. You will be stuck in a comfort zone of just writing when you feel like it and not having the drive to build your freelance writing career into what it could be.

Benefit Two

By having clear laid out goals for your freelance writing career, you will already know what you have to do each day to achieve them. Many freelance writers spend hours online being very unproductive. They read the latest news and celebrity gossip that pops up in front of them. If you have a freelance writing goal that you want to have your first ebook done in two months, then you know that you will have to write so many pages a day to meet this goal.

Benefit Three

By using goal setting with your freelance writing career, you will be able to determine if the work that you are doing is really paying off. One of the important steps to goal setting is to reassess your goals from time to time. If you wanted to become a niche writer in the pet industry and it is not working at your first reassessment, you will know that you need to make some changes to the way that you work or the goals that you have to be successful in your freelance writing career. Without a way to gage if the actions that you are taking as a freelance writer are paying off, you will have no way to make the changes necessary to be successful.


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