EQ Shadow Knight Leveling Guide How to Get to the End Game as EQ’s Dark Warrior

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Shadow knights are the dark warriors of Everquest. They are similar to the paladin, but are more offensively oriented. The class shares some of the abilities of the warriors and necromancers. The harm touch ability of the class gives it a chance to turn the course of the battle. Like the monk, the shadow knight can feign pull from level 30 onwards.

Leveling a shadow knight takes skill and patience. The determined character can reach level 70 within a week of played time. He can do this by grouping or soloing, and if he’s good he can contribute as an off-tank or add extra damage per second capabilities to their guild, although the damage of a shadow knight will always fall behind that of a warrior.

Beginner Everquest Shadow Knight Leveling

Shadow knights inhabit the shadowy areas of the home cities of Norrath’s nuetral races, but in evil cities like Cabilis or Neriak, members of this class hold a place of honor. An uneasy truce between the good and evil gnomes of Ak’anon exists, because gnomes seem are more interested in honing their tinkering skills than engaging in philosophical arguments. Once the shadow knight completes his armor quests and replaces his newbie weapon, he should be ready to move on to greater challenges.

The shadow knight’s primary group role while leveling up will be holding the attention of the opponents the group is facing. Like the paladin, the shadow knight uses a mix of spells and the taunt button to accomplish it.

The tank classes in all mmorpgs want to get and keep aggro. Shadow knights can summon skeleton pets, but these add little to damage and are used only when the shadow knight solos or groups in outdoor zones.

Many shadow knights use two-handed weapons to do extra damage, while others prefer to use shields for extra armor class. Weapons that cast a direct damage or stun spell help the shadow knight hold aggro, but the damage over time spells and the shadow knight’s taunt ability make keeping a monster’s attention an easy process when the Everquest’s dark warrior is leveling.

Everquest Shadow Knight Leveling by Soloing

Shadow knights solo well, but he does not need to go up and hit the mob until either he or the mob is out of hit points. In the late teens, the shadow knight gains the capability to fear kite. This is done by attacking the mob, snaring it, and then casting fear on the monster. The shadow knight then runs after the mob and hits it from behind. Whether soloing or grouping, if the shadow knight is low on hit points, he can use his lifetap line of spells to reduce the need for other forms of healing.

At higher levels,the shadow knight can summon a skeleton pet to add to damage. If things go sour, the shadow knight should cancel any damage over times spells on the target. When this is done, he can feign death and let the monster chasing him run away. Feign death can also be used to pull, as discussed in the monk leveling guide.

There are many available zones to go to that work well for shadow knight leveling, whether a player plans on grouping or soloing to get to raiding level. When the player gets to raiding level, he can add to the raid’s damage and fill off as an off tank. On certain mobs,a well geared shadow knight may even be chosen as a main tank.


EQ Shadow Knight Guide


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