College Professor Can Ruin a Student’s Future with Political Zealotry

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About one year ago I was watching a political show that had invited two college students in for a comment about some recent situation. One of the two students immediately went into a verbal tirade referring to many public people as fascists. The young lady attended a major northeast university and I have to assume that she is very intelligent. As I watched while she was referring to some very good decent people, I began to wonder what was in her past and what will be in her future.

I imagined that she came from a fairly well to do family with high hopes for their daughter and a big return on their major college financial investment. Then as I watched her begin to really make a fool out of herself, I realized that this young lady is boxing herself into a very small box for the future. I retired from a company that had sixty-six thousand employees. I know of no one, including myself, who would hire a zealot like her. Left or right extremist doesn’t matter. No one in corporate America wants to saddle himself or herself with a problem like her. I once defined a person like her as “a lawsuit waiting to happen”.

One might think that young college students could perceive a problem with publicly demonstrating their extreme political views. These potential problems do not seem to stop students from making fools of them selves but I have heard that they are beginning to become aware of the dangers and are now discussing the problem among themselves.

I went into the US Army years ago and my job required a top secret and crypto security clearance. The FBI had to complete one of their full background investigations on me. Fortunately for me there was nothing to be found so I was able to get the clearance without any trouble. Now you need to think of the problem that this young college student would have had since she has been on a popular TV show using the word “fascist” in every other phrase. Why should a college student damage their future career or life choices for something so unnecessary? Even worse, why permit a university professor to sit back in his or her safe university office with their tenure and salary while the student is out becoming a fool in public. It was the professor’s opinion that the young lady was repeating in public, so let the professor be the one to indict their own integrity by saying these things.

A reputation, an education and a credit history are three of the most important tools a young person can have when starting out in life. They should be cared for and treated very carefully if one wishes to attain major goals in their life. College students are at risk from professors in universities who place their own political goals over the future of the students they have been entrusted to educate.


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