Relationships (Just Because)

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Relationship – 3.

an emotional or other connection between people


Im in a lot of different relationships with many different people
For the record…
I carry myself as a married man for that which I love
But when it come to relationships in general…


How do you know if you in the right one?

My advice for anyone in a relationship:

Make sure that the people are comfortable being themselves around each other and others
Dont be afrid to speak whats on ya mind from time to time…


One of the few things in life that is free is the freedom of speech!

Then you must think about the reason for being in this relationship…

I mean…
What’s gonna come from it?

Either now or later somin gotta come from it…
Or it’s a waste of time!

People believe that there are roles to play in relationships

And truthfully…

There are certain roles to be played…

But if the people who play those roles do not know the instrustions

I mean…


Lost that thought!

Its good tho…

But uh…

The whole point of relationships are to make interesting connections with interesting people and do extrodinary things ya dig!

The most important thing that I have learned about relationships this year:

There is more than one way to have relations  (Sherman gon have relations! …? my bad…) with a person
But only one way to build on and upon relationships…


I would tell ya but Im missing this game right now!!!

Maybe I’ll tell ya later or somin…

Till the 15th…

I promise Ill put something there!!!
All Love,


“Somin that can make ya do wrong…make ya do right…”- Al Green


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