Call Of Duty: World At War, Ninjas

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To be a ninja requires years of training, or a game where you have a knife! All you need to properly do this game is to be a decent knifer, have 3 other people who can knife somewhat effectively and skype really does help! The basics of ninja’s is to not shoot anyone EVER! A ninja does not use a gun, nor do they use grenades! You may think this sounds stupid but it is hilarious when your entire team runs in with knives and wins!

A ninja can use strategy involving tabun gas grenades which makes people easier to kill while their gased. Be careful that you do not gas yourself or you will be a stealthy ninja who couldn’t attack anyone.  This game is best played on regular team deathmatch as you can survive longer when your running towards them you won’t die in one hit and you won’t kill with your tabun gas to the head!

The classes that work best for being the best ninja include 3x tabun gas, juggernaut and extreme conditioning! This way you will not die right away when someone sees you and you can close the gap relatively fast! Add these perks to your enemy being gased and knifing them becomes insanely easy! The only thing you really need to look out for is betties and campers, however campers die fairly fast a good ninja. Ninja is most fun when all the rules are followed and your team doesn’t stink at knifing!:)


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