The Shattered Glass

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As I view the shattered pieces of my life, one by one

I review the scenes and ask myself

In these years what I have accomplished

What needs to still be done?

I view the reflections as they mirror my dreams and goals

Each piece playing a continuously recorded video

As I think to myself, my mind begins to sort

What I did right, where I went wrong?

What goals I have met, which dreams have I lost

What is salvageable and if not, is it too late to begin again and make

A new start

I look and observe the dim pieces, the ones outlined in gray

Those are the ones connected directly to my heart

The ones that cost me so much pain

Midway through my journey some of my dreams were eternally lost and started to sink in the sand

I also saw the ones outlined with the brilliance of the sun, pulsating like a quasar amidst the midnight sky

Acts of selflessness

These brought tears to my eyes

How I took care of my fellow mankind

Even at my own expense

There are still goals I need to accomplish

And some things that I have done that I will never get my due

The thing I noticed most among the ones pulsating

was the largest piece of all, “Always to yourself be true”

As I stood, tears running down my eyes

each teardrop with each broken piece begin to bind

Bringing together the pieces of my shattered life

As I looked in the mirror made anew

I realized amid my many failures and broken dreams

The one accomplishment that time after time through my difficulties have help me make  it through,

That I, to myself, had always been true.


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