Credit Card Debt Management

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The first time I came to America I was led to believe that credit card is a vital part of American Culture and that everybody should have at least one credit card. You are nonentity without a credit card and that it is imperative to build a good credit history. So I started applying credit cards building my credit history. It was hard at the beginning until I became pretty good at it. Just by using a debit card at the beginning  I created a good credit score. Credit card company has been sending me application almost everyday. My wallet was full of credit cards for every department store you can name. All I need is a driver’s license or Identification Card and any store will grant me a credit card.

 For almost 10 years I have benefit from the privilege of using credit card and the power of spending is very gratifying. You can buy whatever you want and anytime you want it with no hassle. I rarely see actual money for the reason that all I needed is a credit card to purchase something from gas to food and to almost anything. There is no hassle with spending.

But those days were gone. Today history has changed. Excessive use of credit cards has drawn people to debts that they can not pay it back. I don’t fully understand how we ended up with recession but I’m pretty sure that overspending and unwise use of money has a greater role why we are suffering.

So as much as I enjoy the privilege of using credit card, I came unto conclusion that using credit card has ruthlessly damage my approach of spending money and how I value money. It didn’t occur to me that I’m spending way over my spending capabilities because there was no hassle paying anything I want. All I need is plastic card that you swipe to pay the bill and viola you get what you want. Pretty easy!

Over use of credit card has led me to accumulate thousand of dollars debt that if I will analyze one by one, most of them are unnecessary expenses that I could have just used instead for securing my future. Recession has taught me an important lesson in life about money and it is sad that I learned it the hard way. But the important thing is it kicks in and now I am being more responsible how to handle finances.

So if you landed with this article by researching about credit card debt consolidation or credit card debt management, you probably have lots of credit cards you want to pay off and finally decided it is time to settle your credit card debts. Congratulations you just made the first step to financial freedom. Acknowledging that credit card debt is a huge problem is one of the most important tasks to become debt free.

Here are few suggestions how to accomplish credit card debt management and hopefully you find it useful and get out of debt as quickly as you can.


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