The Kiss

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There is so much in a stare
I look in your eyes and see the places you have been
And know some day you will take me there

There is so much in a caress
Although I have been touched before
But not quite like this
I look in your eyes and in your mind to pry, I try
To see if your words match what is inside
I wonder if this passion that I feel from your kiss, though only one
Is a reflection of much better things to come?
My body aches already for your gentle touch
I must know more of you, I just simply must
I realize that we must first complete the protocol
Step by step we must progress, in time revealing another piece of one other as we cautiously proceed, but I already know that I am predetermined to be yours
If only for a time my dear, if only for a season
It is not only a touch of your lips but a taste of your mind, filled with brilliance
That has brought me at such a conclusion to reason
It is so amazing, I can hardly fathom how quickly you have brighten up this world of mine, Like a beacon of light in a space so dark
I have opened the door and given you the key to come in and revive my ailing heart.
and hopefully one day we will find,
through your sweet kisses
our fates forever intertwine
a moment eternally suspended in time
and when we have aged, our features painted with gray
as I continue, even then, in your arms to lay, and we reflect on that particular day
that led to all this,
the day we unwrapped our destines through the mystery of your sweet kiss


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