A Dream In The Dark

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This cloud of trouble and strife dims my view so that I can barely see the path,

The path to success, though surrounded in by wolves on all sides, I must still push forward through the darkness towards my goal and claim my prize through the devious pack.

Life offers no friend but survival; it is he that endures to the end, which wins.

I keep my sights straight ahead although by the distractions I am surrounded.

I am still yet determine to succeed, though my troubles and strives are compounded

I press on toward my mark, although abandon by my friends, and left to fin for myself.

What does not harm, will only make me strong, I continue through the hopelessness and despair towards the goal for which I so long.

My spirit has been bruise but can never be broken

Because I am resolved to cut the binds in my existence that are just as determine to choke me

And kill my dreams that flow with life

With the knives of trouble and strife

Yet still I am determine to succeed to my very demise

and above all this negativity I surely will rise

This I know of a certainty

at the end of every dark tunnel there will be a light

Even if I have to illuminate this darkness all by myself;

I am determined to achieve my dreams and rise, rise, above all else.


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