Beautiful Mural

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Beautiful Mural

Beautiful Mural on my wall,

You are the essence of eloquence to be admired

A lovely delight to my eyes

I long so much to wrap myself in you,

But I know you could never be true

Though mesmerized by your splendor, I know you can never be able to give me what it is that I truly need

In place of my admiration, you will only cause my heart to weep and bleed

I picture you, your smile, smiling back at me

But I know better than to let my hope run aimlessly free

It is the wild horses that are the hardest to tame

Sometimes I wonder why in my world for this brief moment you came

My world wasn’t perfect but from order, now comes chaos, and a sense of order I can’t regain

I wonder why our destinies, at this point in time, came to meet,

Knowing that we can never be

Is it my time to harvest, the seeds of merciless that I have sown in a past, now I must also reap

It is said that beauty is only skin deep

This is what has my heart is heavy with the sorrows that I weep

Because I know the real you, well hidden, behind the mask, I will by no means see

Only a reflection of someone once glorious, who brilliantly used to be

Beauty is a sharp dagger, that shows no mercy to those by its countenance are made weak

Before the battle even begins, the victims of your beauty have already agreed to defeat

Knowing in your presence their strength will cease

I realize that we could never really be,

Created in my imagination, you are only a lovely figurative for me to see

Beautiful Mural on my mind’s wall,

You are the essence of eloquence to be admired


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