Counterfeit Love

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Although your Love was one I would have always choose.

You proved yourself to be most untrue.

There’s a saying that all that glitters isn’t gold; the deceit, the lies, the late night calls, suddenly the dream turns to a nightmare as the real story unfolds.

Realization is that you never were true, but everyone reaps what they have sown and you too will get your due.

Your heart will hurt with the pain you have cause mine, but yours will not heal with time

You will seek the love of someone like me or my likeness, but you will never be able to return love because your heart is enshrouded with lies, deceit and darkness

For every action there is a reaction; for every cause there is an effect, you could have had much more but you settled for less,

because of who you are you will never rate more than second best.

Perhaps one day you will learn what love really is, but this point it is a secret, from you well hid,

You will search for love but will not find it; because you fail to realize that within you is where it is hidden

If you do not love yourself, you can not love another You were destined to a meaningful life of love, but you refused that love and chose the other.

Next time you ask for love be ready to accept it, Love came your way, you weren’t ready, so now you are being rejected.

Next time you will know to show love and compassion above all else, but until that lesson is learned you can keep your counterfeit love to yourself. Drell


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