Change Of Time

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It is strange how time passes,

And how nothing good ever lasts

How dreams of youth fade into the distance

Seeing the things you were going to be, flashing before your eyes in a moment’s instance

Whereas you once strive with life, now you are no longer an active participant

You live life amidst the crowd, on the other side of the window, only as a witness


The chances that you once swore to take,

Some that in time proved they would not have led to the best road of fate.

When we were young time was said to be on our side, the days meant nothing as they counted by,

They served only to complement our youthful pride

Now that formative years is no longer our friend we discreetly ask time to lie

But to no end

We can deceive time only for a while, but wrinkles of age are destined to line our faces and deepen our smile

Like the butterfly, we also must go through a metamorphosis

Progressively changing into someone else who did not previously exist

A transformation, rarely welcome

Which few easily accept, and the rest, out of it try to make the best

I sometimes wonder if how the youth of today can so easily forget, that they too some day must face this fate

Time my dear is no one’s friend, with time things are reverse, although

We may all not start out the same; we all are destined to the same end.


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