Today Mr. President’s Disillusionment

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Today Mr. President’s Disillusionment

Mr. Obama, I know you want the best for your country. But if I were you, knowing what I know, I would never have accepted that position. In Dec. 20, 2008, I published my article, “Mr. Obama, that was a secret am-Bush.” In that article I told to the people that what you received was a poisoned gift, and there is not way you could turn this economical situation around, since the USA is totally in bankruptcy. I know People do not believe me, because people only believe what they want to. They prefer to play the ostrich game. But this reality can’t be hide, and would be better for you and for your country, if you tell the bold truth to you people.

I am aware that tonight you are going to give a speech about the USA economical situation. If you say the truth, then false illusions and lame hopes will died tonight. Tell to American people that they will have to do what Japanese people did after War 11: work twelve hour per day and save money and products if they want to see their country in prosperity again. I know, and you know better than anybody else, that you will need a lot of luck to keep that out of gas car on track. Since the first second you got seated in that broken chair, you could feel how hard it was.

Therefore, if you tell to your people what you have really found inside that broken house, they will realize that they need to work very hard if they want to stop this fall. I have to tell you that my pessimism has defeated all the optimisms that your “victory” has produced. Including the ingenuous one of Oprah. For that reason I wrote my previous article. You will gain nothing trying to awaken illusions.

Please tell them that because of Dick Cheney, the dark, silent and powerful vice who has always been the real power, since he represents the small group that decides on everything in there, the USA today is in bankruptcy. Do you know what I am talking about? The small group that demanded The Supreme Court to nullify the Al Gore’s victory in the 2000, and made of Mr. Clinton’s presidency a nightmare.

Mr. Obama, tell the American people that this ambitious group started two wars which are costing billions and they will never be won. Tell to them that Cheney and Bush left the White House totally broken, and that you found on the Bush’s table more than one trillion in deficit. Just for the 2008! Please don’t tell American people that you are going to reduce this deficit in a half before you leave, because that is impossible. The truth is that you will have to increase it.

Mr. President, I was thinking of life’s irony: Dick Cheney is going to say goodbye full of millions, richer; but leaves the White House full of debts and empty. However, when Mr. Clinton left the White House was totally broken, but before his farewell, he put almost 500 thousand millions on the desk where Monica used to seat down.

Summarizing, Mr. President, please tell the whole truth and only the truth so the American people could wake up. If you don’t do this, in few months American people will start blaming you for everything, and you will have to pay a high price. Tell them that Medicaid is in bankruptcy, that the Social Security is too; that you owe to China 2.7 trillion plus more trillions to many other countries and you has not money to pay even the interest. Tell them that you will have to bail out the biggest banks and many other companies. Also tell them that the unemployment will double in this year, and that 31 million are receiving FOOD STAMPS.

Besides, you must tell them that Gaza is destroyed and bleeding, and Iraq and Afghanistan are lost and producing talibans; that Russia and China are turning into empires; that North Korea and Iran have power and are defiant. You can tell them, too, that Near you is Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, Nicaragua and etc. with bitterness, and Mr. Chavez has not limit now. He can run for the presidency any time he wants.

And, inside your land, the worst thing: eleven million unemployed that every hour increases, and eleven (trillion) in debts that could never be paid. (Could somebody explain to me how much money eleven trillion is?) Besides, about 40 million addicts and other 100 million regular users; a social decomposition that only brings destruction, and a constant publicity that only pushes toward the ugly passions; 60% with overweight, and a health care system in bankruptcy and the Social Insurance about collapsing. People have to be prepare for what is coming, or you and they, will have a big surprise.

Tell them that more bankruptcies are just waiting for their turn. I am not an astrologer, but I am watching in my cards many newspapers and channels TV talking about several companies that are closing. I even see many newspapers announcing their closing and universities and schools giving lay off to their teachers. I also see thousands of people laid on the streets asking for bread and work, while other are breaking into the supermarkets. I am seeing, too, thousands of police officers on the streets trying to stop the protestants. I see many banks giving the last check to their saddened employees while their managers lose their own houses due to foreclosures.

And, believe it or not, I am seeing how the naïve and white hope, in a cold and dark night is going to plot her escape from the White House with the impulsive and proud optimism. And finally, I can see the media dressed in white, raising its only hand, (the right), giving freedom to the angry critic . This is the irony of life, Mr. President! Good luck, and take care!


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