Tips on How to Host a Poetry Reading at a Nursing Home

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Residents in nursing homes can always use a little cheering up. Activity directors in these health care centers always welcome talents to come in and entertain their residents. Just how children usually enjoy being read to, those who stay in nursing homes also enjoy being read to. A great way to spread the art of literature and poetry, is to host a poetry reading at a health care center.

Before setting up your reading at the nursing home, you might want to call them and find out who is in charge in the activities and visiting arrangements. Some may have certain policies or a schedule that they must fit events into. While they may welcome your ideas, they have to find out what is a best time for their residents. Many have scheduled dinners, medical trips, and other things that you must work around. The one who is usually in charge usually has the title of, “activity director.” Speak with them and let them know about your poetry, or if you have a group of people who would like to come and read to their residents. The activity director may want to meet with you first in person to get all of the details sorted out.After the reading has been scheduled, gather some of your poems together or the people that you plan on hosting your reading with. Try to stick with simple poems that will hold their attention. If you read poetry that is too long, some may not be able to listen very long. There are a few residents who could possibly have certain mental capacities and you need to take those into consideration.

Take residents emotions into consideration when choosing poetry too. Try to keep poetry upbeat. Steer clear of sad poems, poems about death, or maybe even living in a nursing home-unless they are bright and humorous poems. Sometimes elderly people like to joke about getting older-and those kinds of poems could be okay. Also try to read inspirational, seasonal, and holiday poetry. Residents usually want cheering up because hardly any of them get visitors during their time there. They enjoy new activities and new faces that will brighten their day. CONTINUE READING MORE ABOUT HOSTING A POETRY READING AT A NURSING HOME....


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