I forget you’re not there

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I laugh the conversation makes me smile,

It seems I have forgotten for a while.

I pick up the phone I have something funny to share,

I reach out for the receiver, and suddenly realize she’s not there.

An award ceremony for their achievement,

I’ll just ring mam, if you’ll give me a moment.

It won’t take long to go and collect her,

I stop dead, I realize, then sit alone in the car, and stare.

All day long I’m doing great,

Proud I’m coping, not in a state.

I pass by a picture or something she wrote,

I see her book her tapestry, her coat.

From a person that’s felt sorted for days, I reckon,

To a gutted wreck, and crying like a baby, within a second.

No point in fighting it, till I’ve got it all out,

If I was in the woods alone, I would scream and shout.

I’ll never forget who was so precious in the past.

My love for her won’t fail, forever it will last.

But the empty feeling of a heart ripped out.

Is getting a little easier to deal with, without a doubt

Yes easier to deal with, yet still painful.

But those times are a shorter spell.

I’m sure it will be a while before I get it right.

                                                       And stop picking up the phone to say goodnight


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