What Women Should Consider before Having Breast Surgery

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It seems that women are self-deprecating when it comes to their body image; women seem to be most concerned about their breast size. Either they are too big, too small, or their breasts sag too much. It seems that natural is no longer acceptable, because breast enhancement, reduction, and reconstruction surgery makes it possible to seemingly defy the aging process. Whatever the reason that women decide to have breast surgery, they should consider their options and what they hope to achieve by having breast surgery

Before having breast surgery it is a good idea to get out a pen and paper and write down what they hope to achieve by having it. What should a breast surgery candidate consider?
She needs to have expectations that are realistic. She needs to know that she might not come out of surgery looking like a super model. She also needs to consider how breast surgery might affect sensation. Some women report a lack of feeling in their breasts after having breast enhancement surgery.

Breast enhancement surgery.

Before having breast enhancement surgery, women should have a consultation with a plastic surgeon to see what kinds of surgeries are available and which might be the best option for them. The candidate can decide how the implants will be placed within the breast. The surgeon can make an incision un the underarm area and place the implants either in front of or behind the chest muscle. The implants can also be placed in the breasts through an incision in the navel.

Aside from how the surgery will be done, the candidate will need to decide what kind of implants she will have placed in her breasts. She can look at and feel of the different kinds of implants that are available. Regular silicone breast implants were banned in 1992, but since then the FDA has approved the cohesive silicone gel implant. There are also saline filled and soybean oil filled implants that are available.

As a breast enhancement surgery candidate you can choose between implants that are textured or smooth. Textured implants are thicker than smooth implants. Rippling of the skin can happen when scar tissue forms around the implants to form a hard capsular contraction. You and your doctor may want to discuss which type of implant would be best to place inside your body.

What about breast size? Women should think long and hard about the size implant they want placed in their breasts. How large is too large? Rather than insisting on very large breasts that don’t look natural, it may be better to choose a breast size that is a size or two larger than your natural breast. The surgical candidate should decide with her doctor and also her family on what may be best.

Sometimes women are not satisfied after having breast surgery. They may have had breast enhancement surgery and the woman later decided their breasts were still not large enough, or too large, and decide to have more surgery. Women sometimes are not mentally ready to accept what their body looks like after breast enhancement surgery. Occasionally a woman will have repeated surgery until their breasts have morphed into something totally alien to what is normally accepted as femininity.

Breast reduction surgery.

Breast reduction is often a necessary surgery to relieve back, neck and shoulder pain. Breast reduction surgery provides aesthetics, as well as comfort. Often, very large breasted women have back and neck pain caused from the breasts pulling the torso forward. The pressure on the shoulders from the bra straps can often cause unbearable shoulder pain. The muscles in the back try to maintain proper posture, and a result, severe back pain can be disabling. Breast reduction surgery is preformed to relieve pain and discomfort.

There are usually happy endings, but there are some horror stories also. The candidate should know the risks of having breast reduction surgery; she may lose sensation in her breasts. She also may not be able to breast feed, and she may lose her nipples entirely if the blood supply to the nipples becomes impaired.

A candidate that is considering breast reduction surgery should know that it may not give them perfect results. The woman may find that her breasts don’t look exactly the same after surgery. She may find that she has an asymmetry of her breasts, and she may need further surgery to try to make the breasts look symmetrical.

The woman having breast reduction surgery may be covered under her insurance plan. Since breast reduction surgery is a medical procedure to relieve pain it most often is covered by insurance, where most cosmetic surgeries are not covered by insurance.

Breast reconstruction.

Women who have had breast cancer no longer have to wear those uncomfortable prosthetic breasts, because at the time of or soon after a mastectomy the woman can elect to have breast reconstructive surgery. Breast reconstruction surgery is an art form. The reconstructed breast will appear very much like it was before the mastectomy. Women can opt to have a nipple tattooed onto the reconstructed breast, so that it looks natural.

Before having breast reconstruction you must know that the reconstructed breast will not look exactly like a natural breast when you have your clothes off. You will have a similar size and shape of a natural breast, but you will be able to tell that the breast is not a perfect replica of a natural breast when you are nude.

It’s also important to note that your body size may have a bearing on if you may be a candidate for breast reconstructive surgery. Some breast reconstruction recipients have breast implants put in at the time of the mastectomy. Other recipients have tissue expanders that will be inflated over time to make room for a breast implant to be placed there.

Another type of breast reconstruction surgery is preformed by using a tissue flap harvested from your abdomen, thighs, back or buttocks. If a breast surgery candidate chooses a tissue flap procedure, she will have a scar where the tissue flap was taken, and another scar from where the tissue flap was placed to form the breast. The scars will never go completely away, but they will fade over the course of time. The breast reconstruction candidate should know before having surgery that the surgery will give her shape and contour, but she may not have breasts that look completely natural in the nude.

In summary, before having any kind of breast surgery you should find a board certified plastic surgeon. Here is a link to find a board certified plastic surgeon in your area: http://www.aboardcertifiedplasticsurgeonresource.com/surgeon-finder.html. Do your homework before you ever commit to undergoing surgery. Talk to as many surgeons as you feel necessary until you find a surgeon you are happy with.






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