5 FREE Trusted Resources That Compare and Review Weight Loss Plans

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In my work with body fat assessment tools I came across a number of websites that seemed better than average in providing less biased information about programs and strategies for improving your diet and loosing weight.  My own constant desire for Big Macs and fries has made any nutritional planning hit or miss at best, however, with the help of some of these resources I seem to be finding ways to fight the urge.

Diet Comparisons (Commercial, Free and Unlikely Diet Programs)

FreeDieting.com — Up and running since 2001, this link takes you to a list of diets with reviews written by folks at the site.  This is not a medical review of these diets, but kind of an educated consumer take.  On their about page they do recommend e-diets, but seem to take a fair hand to all comers.  Even the dreaded cabbage diet is reviewed here. 

ConsumerSearch.com — An About.com service – this site pulls reviews from other resources like Consumer Reports, The Journal of The American Medical Association, The British Medical Association and more.  Names the best overall diet, best prepackaged diet, best prepackaged food diet, and best online diet community. Thank goodness, no cabbage diet.

Health.com — A diet guide that lets you compare three diets at a time.  The comparisons are quite detailed, but there is not any real discussion of effectiveness.  By talking about how each diet deals with specific categories (eg. eating out, caffeine, alcohol, vegetarian…) this may help you narrow down the diets you thing will work for you. 

WebMD.com — This list of 24 diet reviews includes a section about what the experts say. Where-as the health.com review is snippet based, these reviews include recipes and longer descriptions of the diet. You read about each diet one at a time instead of a side by side format presented elsewhere. And yes cabbage soup is here.  (My amazement comes from the fact that I dislike cabbage soup. Have I not given it a fair shot?  It seems to be popping up everywhere.)

TopTenReviews.com — This review of online diet programs covers 10 online diets with reviews, ratings and a very nice checkbox table so you can quickly see the difference between each program.  The check box categories have been organized so that e-diets comes out on top. This gives a thumbnail overview, may help you narrow down the online programs you want to look into more in-depth. (No E-cabbage diet that I can see.  I do like cole-slaw, maybe I should try cabbage soup?)

Finding a diet that works is an intensely personal journey. This drives the huge amount of variety in programs and approach available. While any program that increases variety in your diet, reduces processed food and encourages movement has potential to improve your health — the truth is it has to work within your attitude and lifestyle of choice. (For example. I will never loose weight on the cabbage soup diet, if only because I will obviously cheat.  Which would put me on the Cheaters diet which is a different article all together. And, as always, check with a health professional before jumping into a new program.

Fred H Schlegel has been involved in the development, launch and marketing of several body composition measurement devices – He blogs at www.frogblog.biz.


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