Selecting a Healthy Puppy

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  • Is  the puppies fur soft and clean? Does it have a shiny coat?  Avoid a puppy with patchy fur and sores. You will want a puppy that has a soft, moist noise, clear eyes and clean, pink ears. Ear that are dirty or foul smelling  could be a sign of ear mites. Ear mites are treatable but it’s best to avoid them if possible.  You want a puppy with healthy pink gums, check the gums out.   Avoid a puppy that is wheezing or coughing.
  •  Observe the puppy’s surroundings. Are all the other dogs at the kennel clean? Do they scratch much? This could be a sign of fleas and low standards of a dog kennel. Is there any visible dog waste ? Check it out for worms and signs of diarrhea. You don’t want a puppy that has diarrhea.   You can also check the dogs back quarters for signs of diarrhea.
  • Find a puppy with a good temperament. A puppy that is friendly, licks you, sniffs you and comes up to you. You don’t want a puppy that is shy or terrified which can indicate a personality problem.  On the other hand you don’t want a puppy that is overly aggressive.   Clumsy puppies could indicate a health problem.  The runt of the bunch, generally speaking it’s not the best selection.
  •  Know the breeders if you are adopting pure breed dog. Many breeders over work their dogs, mating them as often as possible. Buy from a reputable breeder who has love for the dogs, not just earning fast cash.  If you happen to receive a sickly dog, a good dog breeder will refund your money or replace your puppy.

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