How to get download free Music MP3s

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Step 1  The first thing is you can convert your own music to MP3s. I also borrowed friends’ and family’s cds, inserted them into my CD-ROM, and ripped them into MP3 mode. Windows Media Player is a great application to have to rip songs from your CD into MP3 mode and is very straightforward.

Step 2  Then after I exhausted that resource, I did a Google search to find free MP3s. Many websites force you to register or download their application, which I did not like so I continued my search. My two favorite websites to go to in order to get music are and

Step 3 Finally, there are many places where you can get free downloads. I got 10 free downloads just because I purchased an item at Amazon and it was apparently the special of the month. Rhapsody will also occasionally run specials where you might get the first month subscription free- you can download music for free into your Rhapsody library, but if you want to burn those songs, you will have to pay per song. iTunes also sometimes has specials just so you try them out. If all else fails, just Google free MP3s and start sifting through websites. You might just find a great website!


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