Why the big controversy over the TV switch to digital?

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Honestly, I am a little surprised at all the commotion over the change to all digital television. It’s not like we didn’t know three years ago that this was coming. I don’t hear anyone saying that digital is bad, or worse than analog TV, only that it’s creating a hardship for a small percentage of people. If you have cable or satellite television it doesn’t matter what kind of TV you have, it will still work. If you have an HD TV then you only need rabbit ears or an antenna on your roof to receive the signal. 

Where was the uproar when typewriters were eliminated by computers and printers? What about the switch from leaded gasoline to unleaded gasoline? I don’t remember people complaining over that one either. Cd’s replaced records, and now Blu Ray is about to replace regular DVD’s.  Are you prepared to change out your light bulbs? Eventually they will stop making the energy hungry incandescent bulbs in favor or the fluorescent ones. Everything changes, if you are not moving forward then what is the point of being here? 

What I don’t understand is why our government is giving vouchers so people can purchase boxes to convert the digital signal back to analog. Since when is Washington responsible for guaranteeing our nightly entertainment? A little less TV would probably be better for our country anyway, and a bit more homework might be completed if we only had 2 televisions instead of 5. Digital Television has a superior picture, and all the major networks have already invested millions into the equipment needed to broadcast in digital. Our government has already sold the current analog spectrum to other industries to develop other technologies for us to use later. It’s going to happen folks, it may be delayed, but it will happen. 

Free over the air TV signals are not coming to an end, however you now need an HDTV to receive those free signals. The reaction to the transition is a little over the top, and people seem a bit panicked over a pretty well planned out and advertised switch. Time moves forward, and with that we must move along with it and adopt new technology that improves our lives. Maybe this is a first step to getting our country competitive again with the rest of the world. I hope that solar power, wind power, and electric cars are the next big thing for this country, and got knows we need it.


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