Increasing Your Freelance Writing Rates – the Pros and Cons of the Decision

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When it comes to your freelance writing rates, you are in control of your paycheck and therefore your destiny when it comes to your freelance writing career. Most freelance writers do not charge enough for the work that they do. This happens for many reasons. It is for this reason that you and other freelance writers need to consider increasing your freelance writing rates. You may be hesitant to do this with the economy in the state that it is in. You are not alone in your fears. There are many pros and cons to the decision to increase your freelance writing rates that you need to think about before you make your final decision.

Pros of an Increase

If you want to make more money from your freelance writing there are only two way to go about doing it. You can write more articles or you can increase your freelance writing rates. Most writers do not have time in their already hectic days to write up a couple more quality articles to increase their salary. This is why the decision to increase freelance writing rates is a a very popular choice with writers that need to make more money.

By increasing your freelance writing rates, you will start to work with more quality clients. Clients that are willing to invest in good web content are the types of clients that writers like to work with. By setting your rates higher then the bargain basement writers, you show that your work is of high quality and deserves the higher investment to these companies. You just need to make sure that you have writing samples that back up these claims.

Cons of an Increase

When you choose to increase your freelance writing rates, you will probably lose some of the clients that you already have. This does not mean that they did not like your work. They just can not afford your new freelance writing rates. Losing any type of work can be scary and financially damaging if you do not have an emergency cushion to see you through until you can find new higher paying clients.

With increased writing rates, you will likely lose out on many bidding and freelance writing opportunities to writers that will sell their work for a penny a word. This will always happen when you choose to get paid what you are worth. Because of this, you will have to work that much harder to market yourself and to find those higher paying freelance writing opportunities.


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