Hollywood Feuds: Stars Who Collide

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Let’s face it.  The ego of a Hollywood star can be a terrible thing  Especially when it clashes with that of another star.  Here is what happened when some these stars collided.

Charlie Sheen


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Charlie Sheen was born into the industry.  Even so, he became so irritated with co-star Sean Young on the set of Wall Street (1987) that he pinned a note to her back that had “I am a bitch” written on it in large letters.

Klaus Kinski


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His feud with director Werner Herzog while filming Aguirre, Wrath of God  (1972) almost turned deadly.  Herzog pulled a gun on the reluctant actor after he threatened to leave the film, vowing to kill Kinski and then himself if he tried to walk away.  In 1982, when the two had to work together again during production for the movie Fitzcarraldo, Herzog attempted to murder Kinski by setting fire to a house in which he slept.

Tony Curtis


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Tony had an affair with Marilyn Monroe during the making of Some Like It Hot in 1959.  Despite that, he still managed to say that “kissing her was like kissing Hitler.”  The comment was figurative.  She drove him crazy by continually arriving late for filming and constantly flubbing her lines.  To make matter worse, director Billy Wilder would always use her best takes while leaving Tony’s own best deliveries on the cutting room floor.

Anthony Hopkins


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Anthony Hopkins regarded the boisterous Shirley MacLaine as overbearing and was constantly annoyed with her while filming A Change of Seasons in 1980.  When asked what she was like, he said she was “the most obnoxious actress I have ever worked with.”

Marlon Brando


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Sophia Loren was without a doubt the embodiment of the Earth Mother-Sex Goddess who was cool and seductive while Marlon Brando was the edgy angry tiger of the silver screen.  But when the two came together during the shooting of The Countess from Hong Kong in 1966, the fur certainly flew.  A feud broke out after he asked her, right in the middle of shooting a love scene, “Did you know you have hairs up your nostrils?”

Christopher Plummer


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After making The Sound of Music in 1965 with Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer said that working with her was “like being hit over the head with a Valentine card.”

Kris Kristofferson


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Barbra Streisand is famous for her bouncy bubbly busy onscreen characters.  But after co-starring with Barbra in A Star is Born (1976), Kris Kristofferson commented that “working with Barbra almost cured me of movies.  It’s like sitting down to a picnic in the middle of a freeway.”

Orson Welles


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Orson Welles certainly had a reputation as a serious actor with roots in Shakespeare.  On the other hand, Peter Sellers was famous for his hilarious onscreen antics.   Apparently, Orson Welles hated Peter Sellers so much that he insisted on shooting a scene they shared in the spy spoof Casino Royale (1967) on separate days.  In the film, both appeared at a gambling table together but they actually delivered their lines to dummies during filming.

Bette Davis


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The most publicized feud during the early days of Hollywood was between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis.  Their ongoing rivalry was great fodder for the gossip columns for years.  It reached a fever pitch after Davis publicly stated, “The best time I ever had with Joan in a film was when I pushed her down the stairs in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?”


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