Call Of Duty: World At War, Burn In Hell!

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So, as a bunch of teenage boys are sitting talking on Skype bored. This coincidentally led to a game called Burn in Hell! Now it isn’t hard to guess what it is if you play call of duty! It requires a flame thrower as well as molotovs! Now if you do not have a flame thrower you can easily get one Here. (linking won’t work at the moment but I will fix it

This works best in hardcore mode on Call of Duty: World at War as you can get a one hit kill with a flame thrower as well as the molotovs are actually pretty awesome in hardcore! The team killing aspect with fire based weapons is also good for the lol factor! As with this game and all others you need a team that will play by the rules as Riflegrenades and the like are NOT firebased! This game is only awesome if you can WIN the game using ONLY firebased weapons with a name simlar to Burn in Hell! We have only played this game in TKO a few times as it is only fun for a couple goes around but it is most certainly a blast to play if you do it properly. Skype is also an asset in this game so you don’t accidentally torch each other! Don’t forget if you are winning by quite a bit your team can also be toasted for fun!

For a class I would suggest using extreme conditioning and tabuns with obviously molotovs and a flamethrower, there is no real useful 2nd perk for this game however. extreme conditioning really helps when you are using a melee weapon, try not to run around but when you see someone srpint right up to them this will leave you with full running power!

Happy hunting 🙂


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