Everquest Monk Leveling Guide Getting to Raiding Level as a Norrathian Holy Man Using Martial Arts

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Monks may be a class that seems slightly out of place in the world of Norrath, but the philsophical argument over whether a class based off an Eastern tradition belongs in a game based off of psuedo-midieval setting. The more important thing to know is how to level up a monk in Everquest. The goal of most Everquest players is to get to raiding level as quickly as possible, although a few players believe that role-playing still belongs in an mmorpg.

Monks are a damage per second class and their feign death ability makes them the best class for pulling monks to a group in a game. Bards and enchanters level up faster, and a rogue can do more damage, but the damage a monk does is not dependant on where the monk stands in relation to the mob. The monk is well suited to corpse runs in dungeons. Some situations require necromancers to summon the corpses.

What Everquest Players Expect of Monks in their Groups

Other Everquest players expect the same thing from the monks in their groups when the monk is leveling up, raiding, or getting alternate advancement experience. The players want the monk to know how to feign pull, do damage without getting aggro, and when things go poorly to get the corpses of their fellow players from dangerous locations. Playing a monk is not difficult, but there are a few things an Everquest monk player should know to make monk leveling easier.

Monks get a useful ability called mend which is a self-heal. The Lay-on-hands ability of the paladin is a high-hitpoint instant heal that can be cast on others, but mend ability of the monk can be used to keep a monk in a fight long enough to take a mob down.

Understanding how to use feign death is the most important part of playing a monk. It allows them to pull the most difficult mobs, but it requires two people. The monk should go aggro, a few mobs and feign death. After all the other mobs return to their spawn points, the monk or his helper tags the mob and brings it back to his group.

Everquest Monk Leveling by Soloing

Regeneration Monks, Rogues, and Warriors all use a similar process when leveling up in Everquest. The key to soloing as a melee class is to have a regeneration item. Keeping a supply of bandages in the monk’s inventory is a good idea and reduce downtime. Remember though, that weight is more important to the monk than to other Everquest classes. If a monk character carries more than a certain weight, his armor class gets reduced greatly. These can be bought from vendors, made by tailors, or summoned by mages. Regeneration items reduce downtime and keep a monk in the figher when he is leveling up.

Everquest Monk Leveling Zones

Because monks fill the same role in groups as rogue, although they have slightly different abilities, the reader should refer to the rogue leveling guide to get zone ideas. Because mmorpgs constantly change, other players can help their fellow player find the best leveling zones.


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