Runescape Spinning Crafting Guide How RS Characters Make Thread to Use for Leatherworking Guides

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Rumplestiltskin could spin thread into gold, and Runescape characters could benefit if they were able to spin thread into gold pieces. Sadly, not even Runescape members with a paid account can accomplish this impressive feat. Charcters can use a process known as spinning to turn pieces of flax into wool. The threads that the spinning skill makes can then be used in other crafting goods.

A Runescape character does not need a loom or a spindle to spin thread, as spinning thread is done through a magical ability that Jagex’s video game designers have given to all characters in the game world. It is also a simple crafting skill that can be used to raid the crafting skill or to make materials needed for leatherworking and dragonhide goods.

Materials Needed for Runescape Crafting Characters to Spin Thread

There are only two things to craft with the spinning skill and that is a ball of wool and a ball of flax. Nice large charts that crafting characters can use to determine what to make, what level is needed to make the items, and how much experience is gained is not necessary. The crafting skill can be used to spin wool thread at level one and yields ten experience per attempt. Flax threed requires a crafting skill level of 10, and yields 15 experience.

The balls of thread must be spun using a loom. Looms are found in many towns and villegaes scatted through the game worled. Both free and paid Runescape characters can participate in crafting thread equally. The video game programmers did deny any character the fun of this part of the skill.

Using Spun Thread for to Make Items Using Crafting in Runescape

Leather and dragonhide items require thread. A player needs wool trhead or flax thread and a needle made by a smith to use the crafting skill to make armor. Spinning thread is the easiest part of the crafting skill that does not require complicated charts. A player can start earning crafting experience by doing so, or he can use spinning to make sure he has the necessary materials to make armor.

Now all the video game programmers working for Jagex need to do is introduce a quest that lets players turn thread into gold. It could exist but such a quest falls outside of the subject of this brief guide. Runescape programmers will probably correct this oversight shortly, or at least announce such a quest to thrown off the people selling gold for the game.


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