No Religion Is Better Than No Religion

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There are many religions in the world and there are many followers of different religions. Everyone feels and thinks that his religion is all too better than the other religions. But is there much difference between the different religions?

As I say, there is not much difference, it can be inferred that no religion is better than no religion. Is this categorisation of much help to come to any conclusion? They are almost same in form and content. Only their guises are different. 

Religion is not that much an important stuff to say whether it is good or bad. It is blind faith that sustains religion in our everyday lives. Not only that, religion has caused more harm than good to human life and society. 

What on earth is religion here for? To serve what purpose and to what extent? It is very contentious. But what can be said for certain that it is nothing but blind superstition. There is no rationality and scientific temper in religious thought and ideas. It is just some blind faith and dogma that carry religion home. 

Majority of the population all over the world are still under its dark influence. That influence has made the situation more worse than it can be imagined. With the salvation theory by its side as preached by the concerned proponents, one religion has waged violent war of jihad against the other. Why so? Had the temper of religion been tolerant and humane, hundreds of such wars could have been averted. 

People can live by praying to God alone. It is their choice but no compulsion. It is all non-sense and narrow-mindedness, it is all fanaticism and violence in its contents. Still then religion is ruling the roost in people’s everyday lives without any rhyme and reason. People all over the world are embroiled in religious faiths forsaking their senses of rationality and reason.


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