How to Read Tarot Cards Today

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So you’ve bought your first deck of tarot cards and you’ve been flipping through that little book wondering how in the world you were going to remember all those definitions. In the standard tarot deck there are 72 cards. You’re supposed to remember all that? And that’s doubled if you read with reversed definitions! Now that’s not practical. Let us find an easier way.

What To Do With that Little Book

The first thing you want to do upon buying a new deck of tarot cards is get rid of that little book of definitions. Now, I hear you yelling, “what am I supposed to used to translate the cards? I’m still knew at this!” And I say to you, worry not – reading tarot cards are much easier than you think. There is only one way to learn how to read tarot cards, and that is to just start reading them

That little book of definitions is useless to anyone who is serious about learning to read tarot cards. The tarot cards are a series of symbols, and symbols are best interpreted by individuals. Just as everyone has a different favorite color, everyone will have a different (if only slight) interpretation for their cards.

Keep It Simple to Start

The next thing you’re going to want to do is make sure you have at least 20 uninterrupted minutes in a private and relatively quiet location. It is possible to read cards in a throng of people, but if you’re a beginner, you’re going to want your space. If you’re going to be reading for a friend, have them shuffle the cards; if not, you shuffle them.

When first starting out, it is wise to only do “general” readings. This will allow for the most predominant events in the receiver’s life to come through the reading. Contrary to popular belief, the tarot cards to not always predict the future. In fact, if you’ve started reading tarot cards in order to see into future events, where that is a beautiful thing, you won’t be doing that a whole lot in the beginning. More often than not, when giving a reading, you’ll be shedding light on the present for clarity. A lot of people out there are so caught up in their own lives, they can’t see what’s really going on around them. So, keep it simple in the beginning and reassure your receiver that you will be reading (most likely) on their present and that you will be keeping the reading general (the receiver doesn’t ask a specific question).

Reaching a Meditative State

You can do this step before the receiver starts to shuffle, and if you’re on your own, take as long as you need to do this. You want to relax. Release all you’re expectations for the reading. Clear your mind of any knowledge you have of the receiver – it is harder to read for people you know, because you have a bias – and some consider it impossible to read for yourself, because it’s hard to be objective. I’m not a follower of this belief. If you can bring your mind to a quiet place and not let your emotions override what you see in the images of the cards, then you can successfully read for yourself.

Reaching this meditative state is very important. If you are anxious while giving a reading, then the interpretation of the card’s symbols may come in skewed by your own biases. Take long, purposeful breathes, and let all your thoughts and stresses melt from you. The more relaxed you can be in a reading the better.

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