Marriage Is An Ongoing Journey

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All of us at one time or another have encountered someone who made our heart beat faster, our breathing more rapid, and our overall physical and mental state to change. There was something about them that made them different. Without saying a word, without doing anything out of the ordinary, they had a profound effect on us. Maybe it was someone you started out in life with, the one next door who went through kindergarten, slementary, Jr.High, and then Sr. High with you. As time passed and nature took it’s course, you both fell in love. Maybe it was someone later in life to whom you had to be around, had to talk to, had to do all the things that enriched both your lives.

The when or where is not what is important, it is the relationship that flowered into an abiding love between the two of you. As each one of you started to understand and appreciate each other more, you both learned that you must be willing to give and take. That it is ok to have a disagreement, but try and agree before abandoning the argument. Communications in a marriage is vital, it is vital in our everyday lives, it is vital to us and the ones we come in contact with. Without communications there can be no message communicated in understanding. Love in its purest form is just that it is pure. It is pure in thought, it is pure in respect of thyself and others, it is pure in heart.

There is nothing more beautiful than to sit and talk with couples who have lived most of their lives together as one. Some that have been married for 65 or more years will tell you there is no secret to their longiviety. They have grown past the outer appearance of each one’s physical appearance to the beautiful person they love that dwells within. Marriage is an ongoing journey just like life that is ever changing. May your marriage, may my marriage, may our children’s marriages always be an ongoing journey together, and when the trip is over, two shall stand as on in the presence of God. Bob Lester


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