Bachelor 13 Final Rose Ceremony spoiler: Jason Mesnick WILL propose to Melissa but dumps her to be with Molly

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 Jason will then have to take the next step and announce his relationship with Molly Malaney to ABC, therefore a second final rose ceremony will be needed. The final rose ceremony will take place on March 3, 2009. This is just my prediction on what I feel will happen on the Bachelor.

The second rose ceremony will be a show all about what happened between Jason and Melissa and his story with Molly. To me this would make a very interesting twist that would definitely make Bachelor history, because they never had a second final rose ceremony like this before. Then again reality shows can really make people think what they want. My last prediction now is maybe Jason Mesnick is so torn between Melissa and Molly that there will be a Bachelor rematch to fight for Jason’s love. This rematch will allow Jason to really think about what he really wants before he makes a huge mistake. If there is a Bachelor rematch Jason will be able to maybe meet Melissa’s parents and see how her life really is around them.

I really hope Jason picks the right one and finally finds true love. How will Molly feel if jason does go to her after breaking off the engagement with Melissa? That would definately make jason Mesnick look real bad in my eyes, because who wants to be second choice? If he is really that confused then I definately feel there should be a Bachelor rematch


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