Danny Gokey of American Idol Truly Stole My Heart

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There is much debate in recent American Idol blogs that Danny Gokey has a free trip to the American Idol finales because he’s a widower. Danny Gokey went on camera about his sad story of his wife passing just shortly prior to the American Idol tryouts. Danny Gokey was accompanied by his supportive friend in the tryouts. The two went to the American Idol Hollywood Week. Danny Gokey went from Hollwood week to group 1 of American Idol for the final 36 contestants. Yet, there is debate whether Danny Gokey made this far with his voice or with his sad story to American Idol about his wife’s death. Is it Danny Gokey’s voice or his being a widower that got him this far on American Idol?

I too, heard Danny Gokey’s story before his tryout for American Idol. I initially thought he was going to be a horrible singer and just full of himself. Little did I know until he opened his mouth in the American Idol tryout that Danny Gokey was going to be such a terrific singer. He has passion and soul within his songs that he is singing for American Idol.

Danny Gokey made it to Hollywood Week for American Idol. Would he bomb? I truly didn’t think so. Wow was I right! I have to agree with the judge, Paula, on this one. Danny Gokey is already able to cut records with that voice. I love the way he sings!

I think people are being too harsh when they say that Danny Gokey is only riding on the skirt tails of his deceased wife to get as far as he has in American Idol. This is so unfair. They man can sing! Listen to him!

Not only can Danny Gokey sing for American Idol, he made a great song choice. His stage performance for American Idol Group 1 was incredible! Just watch the tapes. You will melt. I know I did! On judging night for American Idol, Danny Gokey nailed his song choice yet again. It’s not fair to say Danny Gokey is a winner because of his sad story. Yes, it’s sad. I agree completely. Yet, it’s not his story that will carry Danny Gokey far in the American Idol competition. It’s the incredible voice of Danny Gokey that will get him far in American Idol.

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