Home Improvement Solutions for Your Window Problems

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Are your curtains wagging in the wind even if the windows are closed? Or do you hear the outside wind whistling or see your window frames smashing on gusty days? Then maybe there’s something wrong with your windows, so go fix it! Read on and find useful home improvement tips concerning your windows.

A simple solution is to you use for your windows the same weather strip you use to seal doors. For properly sealed windows play a big factor in your home improvement game plan.

Gliding and sash windows, and also doors, pose a little difficulty since the sliding of the frames tend to pull the rubber seal. For home improvement, a brush strip is usually used to seal gaps in newly-installed windows because it allows the frames to slide more smoothly.

If your sash windows are old, putting brush strips also can done in a breeze since the strips are readily mostly adhesive-backed. It is an easy home improvement step.

It is also necessary, for home improvement, to change wrecked window panes. For safety, hire a seasoned glazier to do it. Do not compromise safety for do-it-yourself home improvement.

Lessen the amount you spend for cooling your home by lessening the amount of heat entering the windows. This is proves to be a cheaper home improvement alternative.

Reducing household heat for home improvement

A home improvement suggestion is for you to put tinted films in your windows. If your car windows are tinted, you would have an idea how much cooler the car gets when the windows are tinted.

There are many do-it-yourself window film structures, or you can also have them set up by a professional to ensure the quality of your home improvement applications.

Having your windows tinted blocks 70 to 80 per cent of solar energy penetrating the glazing in the form of “heat and glare” and up to 99 per cent of Ultra-Violet rays that, in time, causes your curtains and house furnishings to fade. It is a great home improvement strategy.

Another technique for home improvement is to lessen the heat entering the house through the windows is to use blinds or shutters. If not, you may also build a porch, a wise strategy of our colonial ancestors.

Do-it-yourself double glazing

Double glazing can be a rigid process as it necessitates the total replacement of the windows for home improvement. New double-glazed ones have to be installed. They comprise two thermo-efficient glass sheets fixed into the frame separated by a small gap from each other.

The gap is then packed with an inert gas. This home improvement set up insulates the window and lessens the amount of heat and noise entering the window.

Home improvement made cheaper

If you do not want total replacement of your windows, there are other home improvement options available.

You may double glaze your windows all by yourself by putting an acrylic panel over them. First, border the window frame with Velcro that will hold firm in place the framed acrylic panel. It will make an air space between the panel and the window to create an insulating wall.

This home improvement system also has commercial versions available. However, even though not as effective as full double glazing, the panels are at least cheaper for home improvement. They are also ideal if you want to maintain the historic feature of your windows, since it would not require you to totally replace them.


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