Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2009 – Day one

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B-eat the national charity for Eating Disorders in the UK launched their campain on Monday 23rd February following on from the recent comments from a petition sent to Downing Street.

B-eat released their findings of a nationwide survey with the main finding being that only 15% of GPs were able to provide the specific help needed to a sufferer of an Eating Disorder. This is a sweeping statistic as all Eating Disorders charities or help lines will always advise someone concerned to speak to the GP, but it is a lottery whether or not they will then get the help they needed.

A quote from one person surveyed states that they felt that they had to lose more weight before they could help!

In the commons, B-eat reported their findings and the Prime Minister, who actually admitted that action is required to improve diagnosis and treatment of eating disorders.

The government will be kept increasingly accountable throughout this week and going forward about the lottery that seems to be the level of treatment that is recieved through different NHS authorities. The momentum will be kept going through their campain title “Choice or Chance”.

Whatched this space. Eating Disorders are a real problem and everyone should be aware, not least the government. Please feel free to contact me if you want anymore information.

However despite findings, if you are worried that you may have issues with Eating that could be detrimental to your health. Please speak with your GP.


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