How to Mount a LCD or Plasma TV

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The following equipment is necessary to mount a LCD or plasma TV on your wall:

  • 10″ to 37″ LCD or Plasma TV
  • Drill
  • Level
  • Single Arm Articulating Wall Mount
  • Stud Finder
  • Pencil or Pen

Choose the wall in your home that you want to mount your LCD TV or plasma TV on. Pick a wall that has a lot of space available and will be a good spot to view the TV from.  On the area of the wall that you want to mount the TV, use the stud finder to find the edge of a stud and mark it with your pencil. I recommend that you use a stud finder that can also sense electrical wires so that you do not drill into any live wires. Move the stud finder around til you find the other edge of the stud and mark it with your pencil. You should have two marks on your wall roughly 2 inches apart.  Center the wall mount between your two pencil marks and at the height you want your LCD or plasma TV to be. With the level ensure that you have the part of the wall mount that goes on the wall level. Now pencil in the two holes in the wall mount where your screws will go.  With a drill and a 1/8″ drill bit, drill two pilot holes for your screws. Using the screws provided, which should be #14 2″ screws or something similar, attach the wall mount to the wall. Attach the wall mount bracket to your LCD TV or plasma TV. Most wall mounts will come with different adapters so that the wall mount bracket will fit a variety of LCD and plasma TVs. With the help of another person set the LCD or plasma TV with wall mount bracket into the wall mount arm and screw into place. Adjust the angle of the TV to suit your viewing pleasure.


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