How to Clean Soccer Shoes

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In order to properly clean your soccer shoes you will need the following:

Clean Cloth or Towel

Leather Shoe Oil


Soccer Shoes

Mild Soap


The most important step to keeping soccer shoes clean is to start the cleaning process immediately after using the shoes. As soon as you use your soccer shoes clean off all the dirt, mud, grass, etc. from them. This can be done with your hands, a towel or by pounding the soles of the soccer shoes together.  Once all the dirt and debris on the soccer shoes that can be removed by hand is gone, use a clean towel and a bucket of warm soapy water to gently clean the rest of the dirt and debris away.  Rinse off the soccer shoes with clean water and allow them to dry. If they are really wet place newspapers inside to help soak up some of the water.  Use a clean cloth or towel and gently rub a leather oil of your choice on the soccer shoes. Be sure to apply a generous amount and make sure to thoroughly rub the oil into the leather. The soccer shoes are now clean and ready to be stored in a safe place.


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