First Show of the Open Mic Comedy Tour

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First off, thank you for all to came out or tried to come out this past thursday night to see me perform at Rafferty’s Pub in Marshfield, MA. I will currently be booking at another location for next week very soon and will inform everyone via this page, facebook, and my other myspace page.

I was nervous as hell. All my friends were around which made it a little easier. I was afraid my material wasn’t going to be funny, however, I was wrong….they laughed!! I got up there, and just went to it. Jumped right into my set. And just rolled with it, practicing everything I had learned by reading, watching, and understanding how other comedians do it…..and then I just talked about what I like to talk about, question everything I like to question and they laughed.

I would have to say it was a huge success…especially because now I have video footage to work from, that will help me re-create my act, add to my act, and fine tune my material, to make more people laugh even harder….

There will be video posted soon, as soon as I have a chance to pick up the disk my friend is making for me.

I was nervous for sure let me tell you. But I went right to it, I thanked the crowd then told them to shut the hell up. And I jumped right into the first joke. Sorry, no spoilers, you’ll have to see a show or watch the videos. With a little work, I can see this thing taking off…Im pretty good, if I can get my words out of the blender and speak straight, I’m sure I’ll have no problem splitting sides. I made them laugh pretty hard fumbling all over myself…so let’s imagine what I’ll do to them when I get my act sqaured away, which shouldn’t take much… I think about it all the time.

Anyways, That there kids is the first entry. I have a show this friday, I’ll let ya know how it goes.



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