How to Make a Pizzadilla

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In order to make a pizzadilla you will need the following ingredients:


Pizza Sauce

Pizza Toppings


Frying Pan

Just like when making a quesadilla, place a frying pan on your stove top on medium heat and place a tortilla in it.  Unlike a quesadilla that will only have cheesemag-glass_10x10.gif in it, this pizzadilla will be like a pizza and therefore needs pizza sauce. You can make your own sauce or buy any brand from the store. Put as much or as little on the tortilla as you like.  Now add the cheese on top of the sauce. I use Kraft 4 Cheese Mexican blend, but any brand and any cheese will work. Again add as much or as little as you please.  Add whatever pizza toppings you like on top of the cheese. I personally just use pepperoni, but you can add whatever you please.  Add another tortilla on top of the open faced pizzadilla to complete it. Flip the pizzadilla a few times to get both tortillas nice and crispy and to melt the cheese.  Cut the pizzadilla into slices just like a regular pizza and serve. You now have a delicious pizzadilla that tastes just like a Domino’ s or Pizza Hut pizza, but took a lot less money and time to make.


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