Dooars the place you never forget

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The Dooars where nature has kept her doars wide open to the north are the East Himalayas as a natural backdrop.A vast texture of dense forests teeming with wildlife,unending tea gardens,babbling rivers,interpersed with sleepy or busy settlements constitute this fascinating tourist destination.Here lie abundantly splendid gifts of nature and enormous resources for eco-tourism.The total area of Dooars is 4750kms.Dooars is famous for its wildlife sanctuaries.The forest is mainly savannah covered with tall elephant grasses.These sanctuaries also have Royal Bengal tigers,wild elephants,deer,sambhar,barking deer etc.Gaur are found in these areas. There are nearly 300 species of bird found in these areas.Jaldapara wildlife sanctuary was constituted in the year 1941 and is 124 km from Siliguri.The nearest railway station is Madarihat which is 7 km from the sanctuary.Buses are available from to Madarihat.Accommodation is available within the sanctuary.Jaldapara tourist lodge ,Hollong forest lodge.Visitors may visit the wildlife sanctuary on elephant back which is available at Hollong Tourist Lodge.

Garumara national park is localed in the Dooars region of Jalpaiguri district.River Murti,Jaldhaka and Ingdong have passed through the national park.In the year 1949 Garumara forest was declared as wildlife sanctuary when it was a small forest.Later in the year 1992 it was declared as a National Park comprising of  89kms of diverse forest.Lataguri is a nearest small tourist strip near Garumara national park.Hotels and small motels are located near the sanctuary.Tourist can visit Garumara in daytime staying at Lataguri. Day visit permission to the National Park may be otained from Nature Interpretation Centre,Dept of Forest,West Bengal.


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