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The Nintendo Wii game system provides hours of fun for adults and children alike.  One of the best features of the Wii is being able to easily access fun game downloads and movies that can be run right from the Wii system.  There are many online sites that allow you to download Wii games, but many of them require you to pay per download or pay an outrageous price.

Unlimited Wii Downloads is a site that allows the user to pay one price for unlimited Wii downloads.  Users can access thousands of files, including Wii game downloads, Wii music downloads, and Wii movie downloads, from one easy site.  The site has top games like Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and various Super Mario Bros. downloads.

To use the Unlimited Wii Downloads system, you simply sign up and then follow the easy installation.  They provide free technical support if you encounter any problems, and an extensive section for frequently asked Wii download questions.

Another bonus to the site is their compatibility.  They are compatible with the Australian Wii system, and they also are compatible with PC, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

Unlike many other Wii download sites, Unlimited Wii Downloads provides the user with unlimited access to their entire database, which has thousands of Wii game downloads, and other Wii downloads, for a one-time membership fee.  There are no additional costs and the user doesn’t have to pay membership fees every month, like some Wii subscription services.  One fee covers all of the Wii downloads for life.


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