Way To Attract Success!!!

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Way To Attract Success!!!

“Success is NOT something we can chase and get; it is something that we attract by the persons we become. We become those persons by changing the idea of what we think we are.

“The problem is NOT with the world. The problem, if there is one, is with your recognition of yourself and your world. The way you perceive and interpret yourself and your world is a system. Change that system, through seeking new truths, and your change your world.

“To put it another way, on earth you are a being that has experiences. These experiences are determined by your thoughts, which are determined by your perceptions. And these experiences are experienced through perception. It is a cycle.”

When we focus on success, no matter how small it maybe, we are sending out the Vibration of success to the Universe. The Universal Law always without fail, will bring us more of what we focus upon and by focusing on success, our vibrations are attuning with the Universe to bring us even more and greater success.

Gratitude is akin to success, we give thanks/offer gratitude for all the wonderful things in our lives NOW.

The more we engage our thoughts on a positive level, the faster we can manifest Abundance into our lives. This works in all areas, whether it be wealth, health or relationships.

I always give thanks at the end of the day for everything which has happened. Even if something has not been exactly what I wanted, I give thanks that there is a lesson there to be learnt and that it has been pointed out to me. Then I make sure I learn the lesson, so I don’t have to repeat it over and over again

Dat’s a great way to attract success.

Always focus on the success and never the
failures or what “wasn’t accomplished”.

Because you create that energy inside you
which then attracts more of what you focus on.

True power lies within u…!!


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