What you can do with your wii consoler?

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Unlock your wii.

You know wii consoler is a small computer without Windows or Mac OS X. So if you use computer do lot of things. You should able to do at wii consoler. You may hear people talk about unlock wii, but how to do it? Can every one do it at their own wii consoler. There is one thing for sure. The game consoler maker don’t want you to do it, and it also mean you can do it. It is very trick logic. They don’t like you do it, which mean you are able do it without pay the game consoler maker.

I have a eHow article to show you step by step. you can check them out by this web address




I wrote these article several weeks before, and currently, there are some new update now.  Basically, you need to use mod-chip or soft-mod to unlock your wii, than you can start to install lot of different software into your wii.

So I will summary these three articles below, and in case I may skip too much details , you always welcome to check out my eHow article.

For people in US, decide which way you would like to do. 1st install a modchip. This is most popular way, and people do it since wii on the market. It will cost you $50-$140 dollar, but currently soft-mod are also able for unlock wii without void warranty. So more and more people use soft-mod. So if you need to do soft-mod.You need do the next step.

“Twinlight prencese hacking”. This is relate new way to hack wii with a game. you must need this game for once to run once, then you don’t need this game any more. You also need an SD card for wii to read the hack file which you will need to download from wiki. PS, I may mis-spell the game, but you will find it on google. The wiibrew at wiki have very clear step by step introduction. You may buy a cheap twinlight game from ebay first. than unlock your will by install a Homebrew channel.

When you have Homebrew channel installed, you have half way done to unlock youe wii. Than you need to install DVDx into your wii. So you will need to run several program through homebrew channel. If you have no problem install homebrew channel, you will no problem to run program in homebrew channel.

Couple weeks before, the wii consoler maker try to stop softmod by upgrade firmware to 3.3 or 3.4. So you will need to downgrade firmware to 3.2 to install DVDx, but the new DVDx release last week are able to run at 3.4 firmware. So you not really need to downgrade now.

All the software use to unlock wii are free. Some website try to sell those software. It is up to you. if you don’t like to search by you self, you can just buy it, but the link I have here or through the link I provide here, you should be very easy to find all you need. So why pay for free stuff.

have fun. 


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