He’s Just Not That Into You

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He’s Just Not That Into You was an funny, entertaining movie. I know it was a movie based on a self-help relationship book that was based off a Sex-in-the-City episode. But we will just have to forgive its ancestry. I found this movie to have an interesting plot and characters that I could relate to. The situations presented are ones that we all have found ourselves in and in laughing at the characters, we are laughing at ourselves. 

Plot: The plot centers around several relationships. One is a married couple Ben and Janine. One is a dating couple Anna and Conor. One is a long term relationship of 7 years where marriage is beginning to be the issue (Beth and Neil). Then we have Alex and Gigi who are friends. Gigi is trying desperately to find the one and Alex is giving her “guy” dating advice. He is in fact the voice of the self-help book. We also have another single woman Mary, who is trying to date via Myspace. Each relationship has hit some kind of snag. Ben of the married couple meets and falls in love or lust with Anna. Conor wants to make his relationship with Anna long term but she can’t decide whom to choose: the married man she is crazy about, or the safe boyfriend Conor. Beth breaks up with Neil because he won’t marry her. And Gigi goes through a series of botched dating experiences as we watch, and Alex gives her advice. Each of these work themselves out in some way at the end, some in the way you would expect and some not. Also, each of the characters are connected to the others in some way. Janine, Gigi, and Beth work in an office together and are friends. Ben and Neil are friends via their girlfriends/wives. Conor and Alex are buddies. Mary sneaks into the group by being the newspaper rep that puts Conor’s real estate ads (he is an agent) in the newspaper.

What I liked about this film is that the relationships seemed real so that you could say, yeah, I have been there and done that and gotten my heart broke that way. Or yeah, I have dated someone like that or I have friend like that. They seemed real. Some of the moments were funny (I was in a full theater and everyone laughed in some spots), some moments were sad, and some were surprising (when one of the guys did something stupid in the movie all the women in the audience gasp together). This theater of people was a really great crowd to watch this film with and they seemed to really enjoy the movie.  Yes, it is a chick flick, but some of the guys in the theater seemed to enjoy it as well.

The acting was great. There was some good people in this film. Ben is played by Bradley Cooper. He comes off well as the confused married man that up until this time thought he was happy. He didn’t know his relationship was missing something. Janine is played by Jennifer Connelly.  She thinks she has a happy marriage but she begins to notice that something is amiss, but she doesn’t really know what. I like how she tries to keep control as her world falls apart (cause I am like that—not as excitable as her, but I really related to this character). Beth is played by Jennifer Aniston. She plays a really good role in this one. Beyond showing the relationship between her and her boyfriend, we see her interact with her family. Her father, played by Kris Kristofferson, suffers a heart attack during her sister’s wedding. And Beth is left to take care of him with little help from the rest of her family. I thought Jennifer did an excellent job playing a character that meshed these roles well. Neil is played by Ben Affleck. While I like Ben, I thought his character looked a bit shallow and tired. He was the only character that didn’t seem that real to me. Alex our philosophing bar tender, is played by Justin Long. He had a great part, as the guy so used to avoiding love, he has no idea when it catches up with him. Gigi played by Ginnifer Goodwin is hilarious. She is the extreme that every girl could be. She checks her phone a million times a day waiting for a message, and she nearly stalks every guy she dates so desperate is she to find love and to find someone who will love her. She was my favorite character in the whole film. Anna is played by Scarlett Johansson. She is the woman that all the women love to hate. She is innocent of her effect on men and too pretty by half. She also doesn’t seem to know what she wants. She is a character that does some growing in the film. Conor is played by Kevin Connolly. He is financially successful and longs to find a woman to share it with. He wants that woman to be Anna, but she is not sure that she wants to be that woman. He is confused because Anna runs hot and cold and he doesn’t really know what to do. Then we have Mary played by Drew Barrymore. She is the hopeless writer who is trying to internet date and is not being very successful about it. She is the lost cause we all hope will find someone in the end.

I know this sounds like a lot of characters to keep up with but the movie does a good job of keeping us un-confused. This is a very funny movie that will lift you spirits especially if you have having trouble in the dating game or are going through one of these situations. Take a friend, take a date, but go see this film. You won’t regret it.


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