How to live in Japan 3

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If you want to work in Japan I can suggest websites and places you can find but of course I would include the way you should treat Japanese colleagues.

The most famous job sites that are very effective are:,,, and many more. These are very fast to hire foreigners and you can browse in and English teaching, IT, financial consultants, engineers and caregivers / medical jobs are the common needs/ professions that Japan are hiring now a days. So if you are under those professions and you want to try in Japan find an employer to give you the visa. They usually do all the things for you in from getting your visa and accommodations. You should be good to them if you want to be treated right:

a.)    They are extremely courteous people so if you can say Ohayo gozaimasu in the morning and Setsurei shimasu ostukaresamadeshita in the afternoon that’s very nice. Even if they are bland sometimes, don’t mind that. In no time you’ll get used to it and you’ll start getting warmer environment from those people around you.

b.)    You double check your work to avoid mistakes, they are very particular with mistakes but they are considerate and tolerant people. But you don’t wanna abuse it.

c.)     They are very diplomatic people, if you have a concern that you want to raise you just push it and they would give in to you. They avoid trouble; they look very strong but actually they are very diplomatic not coward but they avoid arguments.

d.)    Some Japanese people are depressive and suicidal don’t be surprised if March and April there are a lot of suicide cases like jumping. March is the end of their fiscal year (schools, quota in work, ending of tax year) April is the start of everything. You get the analogy?

e.)    Even if they say “hai” doesn’t mean they understand *grin. They don’t get in sometimes; they just said yes to get over with it.

Anyways, it’s fun being with Japanese people but’s always fun if you can learn the language. They are very nice to be around, some are not but you are never tied to be with them.


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