Why people pray?

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          Most people pray for some kind of help in their life.  Like a pressing bill, to help heal a sick loved one, or a big raise at work.    They get frustrated and I have heard alot of people say that God must  not have been listerning to their pray because the help never arrived.

           For a pressing bill it would be nice just to find the money lying around some where ,but God doesn’t work that way.  Over time appears and you need to sigh up for it.    God does his part by making the way for you to make the money.  If every time we needed money we prayied to God and  the money would appear.  No reason to work cause you would have your own personnal ATM machine called “GOD”.  Try explaining that to everyone and find yourself with instant friends and the police knocking on your door.

          What God does is make a big order come into your work place and your company asks for workers to do some over time at double their wages.  Nice and legal- right?

          Keep praying to God for help and if God knows that you are sincere the help will come.  When the help does arrive  you’ll know it’s from God.  Cause he’ll make sure to knock you in the head and say in his small soft voice “See what I can do.  Any more problems I can help with?”

          As for the healing of a sick one just maybe it’s a operation they need.  Who do you think  you know to pray to be in that operation room?  Of course the doctors and the nurses who have the knowledge to fix the problem  ,but who was with those nurse and doctors in medicial school?  Who was with them those long, hard nights?  God was!!

         I bet they thank God daily for giving them the courage  and brains to go to medicial school to learn how to save people’s lives.

         What I am saying is that when we pray for help to God make sure that we are going to listern to God when he ansewers.  Maybe it’s something we don’t want to do like sell one of our treasured belongings  ,but maybe God is testing us to see if we will listern to him after we pray to him for help.  Maybe it’s not the ansewer we want or expect to get-we still need to say thank you and listern to his advice.

          God always listerns to our prayers and give us his help.  He does his part by supplying a way to get the help.  Our part is to listern to God and do what ever he says to do.

          Try praying to God with our problems, worries, anxieties, and cares.  Give God a try and watch your life improve.  Be sincere!!


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