Tips and tricks to get that $2 and not the bulk rate in

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So you’re a member of Well, this website is paying and legit. As you know is a get paid to review products. It pays $0.40 – $2 for every review for a minimum of 180 words per review. The cash out is $50 through Paypal. I got paid twice already and I have reviewed a lot of products already. Some I get $0.40 and most gets $2, there’s a good advice for this actually. Take the following tips:

a.)    Check their review requests for ideas of products to review. The website is very simple when you go to the home button you can see the review products requests at the lower page. Get your ideas there and write honest reviews for those products you have used. There is a big chance that your review will be for $2 because those are requested by people or by third party who needs  content at there site.

b.)    Write more than 180 and convincing review. Be direct at your personal experience, your success, your failures, do you like the product? What do you like or hate with the product? People/readers like to hear success and failures because it can be a basis of their decisions. If your review is not bland you can get approved for $2.

c.)    Check your grammar and spelling. Even you are not a good writer but if you are careful with your grammar and spelling your articles would be considered, just make sure your review has a thought.

d.)    If you are on the 20’s or 30’s or whatever age, make sure you elaborate more what the impact of the product in your age or your sex. People reading your review can relate especially if you’re in the same age bracket or race or gender.

e.)    Be honest with your review, don’t mislead readers.


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