Having a positive outlook in life

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Someone told me positive things happen to positive people. And I agree, completely agree. We should be at peace with ourselves to be happy. We owe it to ourself to be happy. Though for some of us, being happy is quite impossible.

How are we going to be happy?

To get what we want and when we do we attain that state. Can we do it by being negative?No way, we can’t! If we are negative, we absorb negative things. If we ask for what we don’t want, we absorb what we don’t want.If we ask for what we want, we get what we want. Likes attracts likes as per Law of attraction. And I believe too.

So if we are positive in our thoughts, in words and in actions. It is 100% sure that we get positive response. As per book -The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes, she said.

Watch out for your thoughts they can be words,

Watch out for your words they can be actions,

Watch out for your actions they can be habits,

Watch out for your habits they can be your destiny.

Since, I had this in my mind I have better thoughts about myself and careful about my thoughts and actions. Most of the times I chose to be positive even in the mids of problems and trials and surprisingly, I get great response. So I am so glad I had known the Law of Attraction which also mean, having a positive outlook in life that improves life.


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