100 Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

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If you’re looking for 100 questions to ask your boyfriend, you’ve come to the right place. It is so important to get to know the person you are in a relationship with, especially if you think that your relationship might ever progress to something more. Here, I’ll give you 100 questions to ask your boyfriend so that you won’t be left in the dark on important issues.

100 Questions to Ask your Boyfriend

20 of the 100 questions to ask your boyfriend will be on his family.

1. What year were you born?
2. Where were you born? Hospital? Home? Birth center? What city?
3. Do you know your birth story?
4. How did your parents meet?
5. What does your Mom do?
6. What does your Dad do?
7. What is the best part of family life?
8. What is the most challenging part of family life?
9. What is your favorite family memory?
10. What is your funniest family memory?
11. What is your least favorite family memory?
12. How many brothers and sisters do you have?
13. If you have brothers and sisters, what is your relationship with them like?
14. Does your family have any traditions?
15. If your family has traditions, do you have a favorite?
16. Do you have pets? If so, what kind?
17. How would you describe your family culture?
18. What are your Grandparents like?
19. How well do you know your cousins?
20. If you had to describe your family in one word, what would it be?

The next 20 of 100 questions to ask your boyfriend will be on career and education.

21. Have you been to college? If so, where?
22. If you have not been to college, do you plan on going? If so, where?
23. What was (or will be) your major in college?
24. Did you go to graduate school?
25. If you didn’t go to graduate school, do you want to go?
26. What is your dream job or career?
27. What is your current job?
28. Where do you see your career taking you over the next 10 years?
29. If you were to write a book, what would you write it on?
30. Describe your work ethic.
31. What jobs have you held in the past and how did you like them?
32. What is the favorite job you’ve ever had?
33. What was your least favorite job?
34. How do you feel about gender roles in the workplace?
35. Do you think that women and men should receive equal pay for equal work?
36. If you were the manager of a team, how would you manage them?
37. What job do you have the most respect for?
38. What job do you have the least respect for?
39. Is there a job that you know you could never do?
40. What is your motivation for working?

The following 20 of 100 questions to ask your boyfriend will focus on future family building.

41. Do you see yourself married at some point?
42. Do you see yourself with children at some point in the future?
43. If you want children, how many children would you like?
44. Do you think there should be specific gender roles in a marriage? If so, what are they?
45. Do you think that the pregnancy and birth process are important?
46. Do you have strong opinions on natural childbirth verses medicated childbirth?
47. How do you feel about breastfeeding and formula?
48. Do you believe in spanking?
49. What do you think is the best way to discipline a child?
50. Do you believe that everyone in a household should participate in household chores?
51. What role to in-laws play in family life?
52. How would you handle a disagreement between your spouse and your parents? Who would you support?
53. Do you have a preference on the religious rearing of children?
54. Do you believe children should be brought up to favor certain political views?
55. How do you feel about violent television shows or video games?
56. What value do you place on the education of children?
57. What method of education is best? Public school? Private school? Homeschool?
58. Do you believe in vaccinations?
59. What kind of Dad and husband do you see yourself being?
60. What is your role in the life of the family?

The next 20 of 100 questions to ask your boyfriend will focus on finances.

61. What method do you use for money management?
62. In a relationship, who manages the money and how?
63. Roughly how much do you usually keep in your bank accounts?
64. Do you have any debt?
65. If you have debt, how much and what kind?
66. Do you contribute to a retirement fund of some kind?
67. What are your yearly earnings?
68. In a marriage, would your spouse need to work to help make ends meet?
69. Do you have a budget? If so, can I see it?
70. How do you manage your yearly taxes?
71. Have you ever had a spending problem?
72. How do you look at money from an emotional standpoint?
73. Do you make a habit of saving money?
74. Do you routinely spend money you don’t have?
75. What was your economic upbringing like?
76. Would you rather have a full bank account or lots of stuff?
78. Do you value using money for experiences like traveling and the arts?
79. In a marriage, do you see money as going into one pot to share or being split into multiple pots?
80. What would you want to teach children about money management?

The final 20 of 100 questions to ask your boyfriend are on sex.

81. How many sexual partners have you had?
82. Have you ever had a sexually transmitted disease?
83. Have any of your past partners ever had a sexually transmitted disease?
84. Have you been tested for STD’s?
85. How often are you tested for STD’s?
86. Would you be willing to go to the doctor with me so that we could both be tested for STD’s?
87. When do you think the appropriate time to introduce sex into a relationship is? During dating? During cohabitation? After marriage?
88. How far are you comfortable going before marriage?
89. Do you have any religious views on sex?
90. Have you ever participated in any fringe sexual lifestyles?
91. Do you believe in monogamy?
92. Are there any sexual acts that make you uncomfortable?
93. How do you feel about pornography?
94. Do you have anything that you especially like sexually?
95. Have you had any difficult issues in your sexual past?
96. Have you ever cheated on someone sexually?
97. Have you ever been sexually abused?
98. Do you have any fertility issues that you are aware of?
99. How high is your libido?
100. Is there anything you would like to know about my sexual past?

I hope that this list of 100 questions to ask your boyfriend will help to open up communication lines in your relationship and maybe even help you figure out if he is Mr. Right. Have fun!


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