Naruto – is getting old

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I dont know about you guys out there that is still watching naruto and thinking its the best anime ever. but i think its really fading off really fast. think about it they have filters nowaday that really suck. The manga has already gone ahead and they still put filters in. I stoped watching it because it was getting old. like the last few episodes was not even related 2 naruto in anyway. The women with the crystal skill is just 2 nerfed and naruto with his overcoat of the demon fox will just kill anyone ine its way even the creapy sanke dude had to run from him.

I guess ill start watching when the anime is back on track with the manga. I really can wait to see pain crushing the konoha village in like just 10 seconds and naruto going in saga form. Ok here is some question i wanna ask you. Does watching naruto make you feel like a kid again? for me its kinda a yes for the earlyer works. I mean, before they were so carefree and unaware of the outside world besides Konoha.

They were safe in the village and becoming Shinobi really changed their perpective about the world. But as it get to the exams and stuff like that it just feels more grown up.I some times think that it was like ” what the hell is going on” kind of feeling Well this is how i feel about it and i dont think you guys might agree to me but hey this is just a 1 mans throughts.


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