Television – Take Action For Your Children!

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When my kids were growing up, they were severely limited in what they could and couldn’t watch! Of course, they thought I was unreasonable, but I was also implacable. Now I’m not saying they didn’t go to a friend’s house and watch “Three’s Company”, but they did not watch it in my house! That was some years ago, and television programming has become sluttier and more offensive by the season since then. Even cartoons have been infected with the Sodom and Gomorrah filth. It’s not enough to say, “You don’t like it, flip the channel.” Even the commercials have become offensive, and those come without warning, even during “safe” programs.

Did you know you, as a consumer, have the right to complain to the FCC? And if you did know this, but thought it wouldn’t do any good, think again! You also have the power to write to television programs telling them you are boycotting all the products of their advertisers. It worked with Target and K-Mart when they forbad their associates to say “Merry Christmas” to customers, and it will work with television executives, too.

This is from Focus on the Family. I hope it will encourage you to become proactive as a parent, and as a consumer.

Complaints Pour into FCC Office

Grassroots make their voices heard about offensive TV content.

Diane Sawyer may have brushed off Diane Keaton’s use of profanity on ABC’s Good Morning America recently, but the American Family Association (AFA) did not.

“We sent out our alert, and as of a few minutes ago, 73,000 had filed a complaint with the FCC against their local ABC network station,” said Randy Sharp, director of special projects for AFA.

During the first two quarters of 2007, complaints to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) reached a peak of 148,000 in January.

Dan Isett, director of corporate and government affairs at the Parents Television Council, said the problems go beyond indecency.

“There’s still an enormous amount of offensive content that may not reach that legal definition of what’s indecent,” he said. “There’s still lots of problems with television content.”

The FCC has streamlined the process of filing a complaint.

Again, please become proactive for the sake of your children, and for their children.

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