Fitness: Ten Ways to Exercise Cheaply

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Fitness is an important part of health and it can be enjoyed using low-cost or free methods. Any of these methods can be done on a regular basis and can allow a person to establish and maintain strong health habits. Once your health care provider has given you the okay to exercise. Here are some common ideas as well as a few unique ideas:  

Car: Wash your car weekly and you obtain a clean car along with improved fitness.

Dogwalking: Take your dog for a walk or borrow a neighbor’s dog. Plus, Fido can enjoy outside.

Dance: Visit a nightclub or take low-cost, short-term dance lessons. 

Farms: You can visit a local farm and help milk cows, clean stalls, or pick fruits/vegetables.

Housework: Make a schedule for housework and clean one room each day.

Mall: Arrive at the mall early and walk around each floor. You can take the opportunity to find out which clothing store/accessory shops have the best prices.

Playground: Take your child, younger relatives, or neighbor’s children to the playground and enjoy the swing. 

Supermarket: Shop at less crowded times to enjoy checking the aisles.

Vacation: Plan on visiting the local art gallery and museums when visiting family and friends.

Work: Take the stairs instead of the elevator or speak with your co-worker instead of calling him/her on the telephone or sending an e-mail.


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